NAMAKU is a personalized book that tells a story about a journey of a child through the world of NAMAKU with a goal of finding the child's identity. NAMAKU customization comes from the child's name, specifically the alphabet in the name. For example, ANDY will go through a journey by meeting with Ants, Nautilus, Deer, and Yak. 

NAMAKU is specifically designed with children with the age of 3 - 6 years old in mind. However, there is no age limit in an adventure, so we encourage you to order the book for yourself or even your parents.

Since NAMAKU is personalized for each person, it will differ in length depending on how long the name is. The maximum letters available currently is 10, and for each letter the story will span 4 pages. Within the available choices, NAMAKU has a minimum number of pages of 24.

Absolutely! You can order more than 1 book by going back to create a new book after adding the first book into the cart. Note, however, that you can only have 1 shipping address.
If you want to order in bulk, please Contact Us directly for further discounts.

NAMAKU is currently available on Doff-laminated Soft Cover. 

NAMAKU book is printed on A4 paper (29.7 x 21.0 cm).
We are hoping that it will be big enough for everyone to enjoy the colour and make sure that all texts are readable.

We will deliver the book inside a bubble-wrapped envelope so that it won't get damaged during shipment. If you somehow received a defective product please contact us with proof. 

We are planning to add an option to gift-wrapped the book as well as adding a personalized message. 

For payment method, we accept Bank Transfer as well as credit card transaction using Midtrans' service.

Currently we only deliver in Indonesia.
We are using the service of JNE to deliver the book, the tracking code will be send to your email once available.